In partnership with Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO), Mist:Understood will demystify conceptions of aerosol products through creativity, activity and environmental education.

(August 8, 2018-Denver, CO) As a leader in aerosol-metal or plastic containers that dispense liquid in a mist or foam-CAPCO activated the Mist:Understood campaign on August 4 with a dedicated website platform to share updated information on the impacts of aerosol, community building moments through social media and in-real-life engagements, and a series of creative video content that will showcase new ways to view aerosol products.

The perception of aerosol products is often clouded by dated information and misconceptions. Contrary to general assumption, aerosol products are recyclable and it’s free to do so as well. Aerosol products also do not contain harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and haven’t since in the ’70s. Through Mist:Understood, CAPCO hopes to shed a positive and educational light on the benefits of aerosol products-from making household tasks easier, like cleaning, to providing accuracy and precision to a consumer’s everyday life, such as spray painting and cooking.

“Aerosol products are an essential part of most consumer’s daily lives. As a leader in the aerosol products industry, the Consumer Aerosol Products Council has positioned itself to proudly promote them,” explains CAPCO Chairman, Sean Fitzgerald. “The historic work of the Consumer Aerosol Products Council was the education of science teachers and their students about aerosol products, the promotion of aerosol products recycling and the correction of misinformation in the media related to aerosol products. Proactive promotion of aerosol products seemed like a very natural next step for CAPCO to take.”

On August 18, 2018, CAPCO will host a locally-driven event in Denver, CO to kick-off the campaign. The launch will center on the positive impacts of aerosol products as well as giving back to the community through a collaborative mural. CAPCO has tapped local muralist Mike Graves and neighborhood hotspot, Illegal Pete’s, to build awareness through creativity and bring the campaign to life. The daytime event will be held at 18S1 W 35th Ave., Denver, CO 80211 and will go from 1:00pm-8:00pm MST. More information can be found on Mist:Understood’s event page. After the inaugural event, CAPCO plans to bring Mist:Understood’s community activations to additional cities across the U.S.

To keep up to date on Mist:Understood, visit and follow the campaign on social: lnstagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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